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Self-Care Sundays & Yoga

I have always been a huge advocate for setting aside time to take care of one's mental and physical health. If you follow me on social media or are a member of my Get Up & Move facebook group, then you'll see me refer to Sundays as Self-care Sundays. It is so important to take time to rest and recharge in order to avoid burning out. Self-care is not selfish. It is an absolute necessity. Going for a walk, reading a book, drinking a cup of tea, watching a movie, dancing, spending time with your family, meditating, etc, are all some ways that you can practice self-care.

Starting Sunday, November 14, 2021, at 9:00am, you can also add practicing yoga with me to your self-care activities. This class was previously held in Riverfront Park, but it is now being moved indoors to Alternative Health Club located at 290 Chestnut Street in Newark, New Jersey. If you are unable to attend the class in person, you can log on from home and take class on Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How is practicing yoga self-care? Yoga helps you to gain flexibility, strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, heal from certain physical injuries, improve your performance in sports, relax, and reduce stress.

  2. Is there free parking at Alternative Health Club? Yes. Please do not park in the Metro Parking Lot next door.

  3. How much are classes? Classes are $20. (Online students who purchase the Unlimited Package each month do not have to pay for this class. )

  4. Do I need to have any experience with yoga in order to participate in this class? Absolutely not. This is a mixed level class. Poses are modified for beginners, while more experienced participants will be given more challenging variations if they want them. Everyone is encourage to go at their own pace and to rest whenever necessary.

  5. Are yoga mats and props provided? Please bring your own yoga mats and any props you'd like to use with you.

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leila delaney
leila delaney
Nov 08, 2021

This is exciting!

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